Monday, October 5, 2009

Conference Weekend

Ladies Night at the Layton Hills Mall Deseret Book on Saturday was a lot of fun. My only complaint is that my new book, Shudder, didn't make it from the warehouse to the store in time for the signing, but I had a good time meeting people and signing my older books. Some of you were there and it was a highlight of the evening to put your faces and names together. Here are a few pictures taken that night.

l to r: Lisa Mangum, Josi Kilpack, me (Jennie Hansen), Linda Garner.

Me with Amy Miller and her son.

Me again with Lisa Bennett and her daughters.

Conference touched my heart and left me spiritually rejuvenated. I came away feeling a desire to love more, to draw my family closer, and to avoid anger. I felt my testimony strengthened by the power of those shared. I don't remember anyone speaking about food storage; which left me wondering if perhaps those who haven't gotten that message are too late. I did hear a call for sharing, kindness, and love which are certainly necessary components of family preparedness. I cheered for the areas getting new temples. I consider the Oquirrh Mountain Temple a major blessing to the people in my area and rejoice that others will be receiving the same blessing. I would like to hear what touched you about this conference.


Heidi said...

I really love to hear the prophet speak and I loved hearing him talk about service and helping others.

Haiku Amy said...


I enjoyed meeting you at Ladies Night. That was fun, even if I could only just drop in. My friend wanted to come with me, but she was entertaining her family.

My favorite talk of conference was by Elder Holland about the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon. His testimony was really powerful.

Linda Garner said...

Hi Jennie,
Conference was a treat. And I loved Ladies Night. Too bad about Shudder not getting there. I'm going to buy it the first chance I get. I posted our picture on my blog yesterday. Take a look. It's
It was great to finally meet you. Linda Garner

Lisa And Randy said...

General Conference was wonderful, and I felt that several of the talks were specifically for me and my family. I really like Elder Holland's testimony of the Book of Mormon.
Meeting you, Jennie, on Saturday evening was a lot of fun. I feel that you are a friend, and it is always wonderful to actually get to meet friends face to face.
I'm looking forward to reading Shudder.
Thanks so much for helping to make the evening a wonderful memory for my daughters and I.