Wednesday, July 29, 2009


This past month became unexpectedly chaotic for me and I haven't posted as much as I intended. My younger sister has leukemia and has been hospitalized here in Salt Lake for a month. She's had some really bad reactions to some of the medication and I've spent a lot of time at the hospital with her. The rest of my family lives in another state and have come to help when they could. In fact another sister came last weekend to spend time with our sister and to give me a chance to work on the edit for my next book which is due to be released October first. I don't have the cover yet, but I will post it as soon as I get it. The title will be Shudder. This book has been on my mind for many years. I knew I would write it long before I did.

This will be brief. I want to remind everyone that the current contest ends this Friday at noon. Writers of any comments on any of the blogs I've written here or on the V-Formation since July 15th will be eligible for the drawing. I'm adding another chance to win as well. Anyone who links to this blogsite as a follower (on the sidebar) will be added to those who make comments and will get another entry in the drawing.


Heidi said...

I can't wait for your new book. I'm looking forward to reading it

TRIBE'S said...

I am very sorry about your sister. I am very close to my sisters, I have to talk to them everyday, I know that I would put everything else on hold if one of them needed my help. She is very blessed to have you live close enough to be there for her and I'm sure she feels the same way.