Thursday, April 30, 2009


Amy Btw M is the winner of the last part of April contest. Amy please contact me with your mailing address and to let me know which book you have selected.

Today is the beginning of a new month and the start of a new contest. I have twelve books most of which I have offered on previous contests. These are titles that so far have not been claimed but are available as prizes for this contest. Simply pick which book you would like to win and tell me why it appeals to you more than the others. As a bonus, tell me which LDS novel not on this list, is at the top of your wish list. If you win and I have the bonus book, I'll send you that one too. If I don't have it, I'll send a surprise bonus book to you. Detailed rules are on the sidebar to the right. The contest which will run from May 1 to May 15 is now open and here's my list to choose from:

At the Water's Edge by Annette Lyon
Eyes of a Stranger by Rachel Nunes
Livin' in High Cotton by Youngblood & Poole
Promise of Spring byKristen McKendry
Something Familiar by Pamela Carrington Reid
The Candy Shop War by Brandon Mull
The Icing on the Cake by Eloida Strain
Chocolate Therapy by Dianne Crabtree
Rolling With The Tide by Jeff Call
Promises to Keep By Dean Hughes
Finding Faith by Terri Farran
Love Beyond Time by Nancy Campbell Allen

Good luck and I'm looking forward to reading your comment/entries.


Amy Btw M said...

Oh thanks! I think this is my lucky week.

Amy Btw M said...

Oh wow, I would pick Finding Faith by Terri Ferran. The reason for this is everyone is raving about it over on Goodreads. It sounds like something I would like. Hmm, what are the chances I could win two months in a row? I am feeling lucky.

A book I would like to read? Fool Me Twice by Stephanie Black sounds really good.

Kelsi Rose said...

If I already didn't have a signed copy, I would have said Rolling with the Tide by Jeff Call. That book is absolutely amazing. I have told many to read it (my grandpa could not put it down). Since I have that book, I would have to say Fablehaven 4: Secrets of the Dragon Sanctuary. I am a die hard fan, but due to some economic struggles, I can't buy it. I have all of Brandon Mull's books, except the Dragon Sanctuary. I want to know what happens. Do Kendra and Seth defeat the Society of the Evening Star? I am dying to know what happens...

Becky said...

The book I've been really wanting to read is your book, The Ruby. I own every one of your books but that one, and High Country. Like Kelsi, economic reasons have kept me from getting them. I was so excited to move to Utah recently so that I had access to lots of LDS Fiction books at the library. Come to find out the library where I live has an awful selection.

Randy and Lisa said...

The book I would pick would be Promises to Keep By Dean Hughes. I have his whole series and enjoy reading about his characters as they deal with life, church, and family during the 1960s. I would love to find out "what happens" to Diane. There are always so many books which keep coming out, that it is hard to decide which ones to buy, as money has to be saved. The book not on your list, would have to be "Fool Me Twice" by Stephanie Black. I love her book The Believer, and have heard such great things about Fool Me Twice.

AzGirl in TX said...

This should be an easy question... but it is NOT! ;^)
However, I took a quick look back at what each is about and I would want Love Beyond Time. I love history and several books on my favorites list are set around the Civil War so why not history - and - time travel? I think it will be an excellent use of... time!

At the top of my wish list sits Shadow of the Crown by Jeri Gilchrist. I have read both of her other books and found within their pages many a good thing to laugh and sometimes even "squeal" with delight over and as a whole they bring me back to turn the pages again, and again.

Hmmm... that was easier than I initially thought it would be!

Heidi said...

This is a hard choice. All the books are great, but I think I'd have to pick Icing on the Cake. I've never read it before and I love to read new books. I've had many people tell me that she is a good author.

A book I want to read would be Annette Lyons new book, Towers of Strength. I love all her books.

Britt said...

I think I'd go with The Candy Shop War, since it just won a Beehive. And it just sounds fun.

My other thought was the Rachel Ann Nunes, but I haven't read any of hers in a while and I think I've lost the thread...

Stephanie said...

I would choose Eyes of a stranger. it sounds like a real thriller. I love books that keep you guessing, keep you hooked. And then it's based in OR which is a state I love.

Another book I would love to read would be Abinadi. It sounded really interesting!